Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Quiet around here and exciting news

Things are a bit quiet around Inspire Create at the moment. There is just so much going on that something had to give. So instead of posting most days, I'm trying to post at least once a week. Apologies to any visitors who come here only to find old news!! As soon as things settle down I'll start posting more often.

But, maybe when I explain what is going on hopefully you'll understand. My wonderful hubby is off to France next week to work for 6 weeks, and I'm going to join him in 4 weeks time!! So I'll be there for the last 2 weeks he is working, then we are going to have a holiday for 2 weeks. We are so excited!! We're not happy about being apart for 3 weeks, but due to work and other commitments I can't get away any earlier.

So aside from planning the trip and getting everything booked, I have heaps to get finished at work so they'll let me take a month off and I'm busy supporting my sister (who is about to have a baby) by doing the paperwork for her business. Plus I have to get a secure yard built at my parent's place so our dogs can stay with them while we are jetsetting, I need to get the car in to the panel beaters' to get the hail damage fixed, I have to get my tax return done, organise to have the mail held, get travel insurance, renew my drivers licence....

ahhhhhh my head is going to explode!!! But in such a good way I can't help but smile.

Kind of cute...

Kind of cute is the site of illustrator Maricarmen Pizano who does the sweetest, most beautiful drawings. She only posts about once a week - but they are always worth waiting for.

I'm loving her contribution the Illustration Friday topic of aging of a little old lady knitting words.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Managing Blogs

BlogLines is a great service for managing your blogs. If you're like me, you have lots of blogs you visit regularly. Bloglines helps by pulling together all your blogs in one place. It saves downloading a site only to find there aren't any new posts, so potentially reducing your ISP costs and you can sort your blogs into folders. I find it a really handy tool. Also helps reduce the guilt I feel for reading so many blogs by making it quicker and easier to quickly review them all!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Interestingness is a new feature in Flickr. It pulls together photos that are considered "interesting" based on a combination of factors, including where the clickthroughs are coming from, who comments on it and when, who marks it as a favorite, its tags, etc.

What you get is a daily selection of amazing photos that Flickr members are sharing. Get a cuppa and prepare to treat your eyes.