Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Eden's Atelier

Eden's Atelier is a beautiful site. Eden Maxwell is an artist and author and his site contains some beautiful, thought-provoking articles on subjects such as creativity, imagination, rejection, what is art?, his odyssey to becoming an artist. You can browse his gallery of paintings, or browse his mind through his writing.

I haven't read the entire site yet, but I plan to. Every page I have read so far presents you with a gift of a beautiful phrase, an inspirational quote, a gorgeous painting. Just one example:
"To know much, you have to experience much. If you want depth, you must dig deep. What are you capable of? Do you have deep feelings that beckon you to worlds beyond imagination? Yes? What have you done about it? Are you willing to persevere against the torrential typhoon of conformity to reach the inner calm inside heaven’s gate?"

Eden's Atelier is a special place on the Internet....

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