Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We made it!

Phew - made it to New Zealand! It took nearly 2 weeks from when we left our house in Australia until we finally made it to our house in NZ. We wanted to attend a friend's wedding and then visit with friends and family on our way, which was lovely but made it such a long move.

The past month has been exhausting and very emotional. Even though we had removalists taking care of most of our stuff, there was still so much we had to sort through and either give away, sell, throw out or pack. Then there was the cleaning after all the furniture was gone! Thank goodness for my dear hubby N - as he wasn't working he took care of most things and did all the cleaning. Also, I was still working 30hrs per week right up till we left - when work found out I was moving away they had a little panic attack and asked me to do as many hours as I could! The extra money has been handy, but I worked too much and got a bit too run down.

All the goodbyes were such hard work - being 8 months pregnant made me emotional enough, then add having to say goodbye to all my family and friends - you can picture the mess I've been! 2 weeks of daily tears was exhausting. I agreed to the move and I know this is such a good thing for us, but the reality of saying goodbye was so much harder than I ever imagined (and believe me I expected it to be tough!).

So now we are in a beautiful big house that came with the job - we are rattling around in it though as our furniture doesn't arrive for another 2 weeks. We have a table, 4 chairs, a lounge and a bed - and that's it! I can't wait to get all our stuff in as I think it is going to really suit the house and that we will be able to make it very homely.

Anyway - just wanted to check in and let you know how I'm doing - I'll write more soon.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, but I just recently found yours. Update soon if you can. I'd love to hear more of your move, travels, and maybe your bambino if you've had it yet. I'm a mom to 3 and currently unemployed and loving it.