Friday, February 02, 2007

New Format

While I blow away the dust and sweep up the cobwebs here in Inspire Create world, please let me apologise for the lack of posts. This motherhood job is a very time-consuming one. I truly believe I spent the first 6 months after little D was born in a state of shock - the move to a new country, new baby, no sleep, and having no family or friends close by all resulted in me feeling shut-down and exhausted.

But, thankfully, that is passing and each day gets better. I am finally starting to get more than 2 hours sleep at a time, D is more fun each day, and I am starting to make friends in our new community.

Inspire Create has been on my mind for a while now - potential posts, news to share, etc - and I finally feel ready to move back in! I've been thinking about how to improve Inspire Create and have decided that I will try and post once a week. I will focus on a topic each week, and share my thoughts, links to inspiring web sites and sometimes pose a challenge/question that I hope you will respond to. But as with everything in life, we will see how that goes - I'm sure there will be tweaking along the way.

Also, to try and keep myself motivated I hope to post a summary of what I have been creating each week.

And well, just because I can - here is a recent photo of D.

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