Saturday, January 05, 2008

Craftster Best of 2007

The wonderful site Craftster has just listed their best of 2007. From the site:

"Craftster members posted tens of thousands of craft/DIY projects in 2007. All of which were brilliant in one way or another. The very notion of choosing "the best" projects from 2007 is absolutely insane! But alas, we thought it would be fun to try and programmatically determine “the best” projects. Here’s how we did it…

For each craft category on Craftster we determined which 10 projects posted in 2007 got the most replies and views. Then we whittled each of those lists of 10 down to our 5 favorites. (An excruciating exercise to say the least!)

And so here we are… “the best” projects of 2007… or perhaps a better way to describe them would be… “a bunch of totally kick-ass projects out of tens of thousands of kick-ass projects!” "

It is a huge list of very cool, clever projects - with tutorials. Gotta love that!

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