Tuesday, April 05, 2005

One Plus One Equals Three

One Plus One Equals Three is according to the contributors: "an Australian blog dedicated to the discussion of design—principally graphic/communication design and interactive design (from Australia whenever possible). 1=1=3 will reflect upon what it is that designers do and how it impacts on people, our culture(s) and our world. 1+1=3 is intended to be a catalyst for discussion about design and intends to make visible and to make public the thinking, the questions and the issues that confront designers everyday. In the words of Josef Albers, pioneering Bauhaus designer and educator: "In design, one plus one equals three sometimes". Design can deliver more than just problem solving (1+1=2) and is not merely an occupation for fashion-savvy stylists. It's at least both those things and very much more."

I find it an interesting resource on design with clear and insightful discussion. Worth a regular visit.

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