Thursday, June 23, 2005

Enchanted Mind

The Enchanted Mind web site has lots of useful information. There are articles in the areas of the creative mind, inspiration, creativity techniques, creativity-enhancing puzzles, and the science behind creativity.

This quote sums up the approach of the site:
"What is the ultimate creative experience? Getting everything out of life that you want. Sound impossible? That's because most of us are getting what we 'expect' out of life, not what we want. You don't need a magic genie to grant your every wish. You are the creative genie. Creativity is not only about finding solutions to problems or thinking up different ways to do things. Creativity is a life style. Creative living is knowing that you consciously create your life each moment. Finding innovative solutions is the by-product of a creative mind."

I like to read articles like this regularly - it's a virtual kick up the butt to remind me that I'm in control. Often we slip back into our old habits of just going with the flow and we need to be reminded of our potential and given some tools to help us achieve it. I also like that this site combines the "new age-y" approach with the science of creativity.

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maria said...

I love the quote, Michelle ... especially 'you *are* the creative genie,' and 'creativity is a lifestyle.' We can bring a creative approach to anything, even the most mundane things, like doing the laundry (... although I haven't figured out how to be too creative with that yet :-)

Thanks for the link ... looks great!