Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm back! - Digital Gallery

I'm back from New Zealand! It was wonderful - my dear hubby N and I had a lovely time being tourists and visiting friends. Mind you, we were freezing our butts off!! The west coast of NZ is a very beautiful, rugged place but it is way colder than home. I will post some photos next week - N is still there for a few more days and he has the camera. I can't wait to go through the shots - I think we got some amazing shots at Fox Glacier and of the hoare frost in Central Otago. Anyway... I'll write more when I have the photos to go with it!

New York Public Library's Digital Gallery has over 300,000 publicly available images. The images are sorted into categories, including arts and literature, culture and society, nature and science, etc. This is an amazing resource if you are looking for inspiration, especially if you are researching an era or style.

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