Friday, June 03, 2005

A Painting a Day

Duane Keiser's blog A Painting a Day has impressed me. What dedication! But what a great way to build your skill and creativity. When it comes to realising your creative potential, I think just doing it is the best place to start. Duane generally does small, postcard sized paintings, which wouldn't be daunting. I often walk into my office/studio wanting to create, only to think "well, I've only got half an hour, and all the things I want to do will take longer than that" so I don't even start. What a poor effort!!

I'm going to get all philosophical and say that the longest journey starts with just one small step, so if you are finding it hard to achieve all the things you want to, try stepping back, choose a little task and do it. You'll be so proud of yourself and it's amazing how motivating it will be!

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maria said...

Wow -- these are so cool! What talent. Did you see the painting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on his homepage? Looks good enough to eat.

And yes, yes, yes, on taking one small step. I can fall into the same trap you do ... thinking I need big chunks of time for any new project, but even five minutes can be put to good use on doing *something* to move forward. SARK calls them 'micromovements.' Great strategy.