Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday Dreaming

Well, it's Friday afternoon (yippee!) and I'm sitting at work, looking out the window at the most amazing, clear, sunny, cold winter's day. But I'm wishing for rain! It's so dry here and we need rain desperately, plus I love the idea of a wet weekend. The thought of stoking the fire, drinking lots of yummy tea and eating homemade chicken and vege soup, lounging around reading and watching movies is very appealing at the moment.

I say that - but I can guarantee you I'll be racing around doing housework, driving to town to run errands, buying groceries, doing paperwork, etc, etc. I seem to be constantly rushing lately - thats why I hope it will rain so I will at least relax for a few hours. Plus I have a busy week coming up, so I need to catch my breath.

I'm very excited - I'm going to New Zealand for 5 days! My dear hubby has been working over there for a month, and we are missing each other terribly, so I'm off for some quality time with my man and to be a tourist for a few days. My husband is from NZ, so we try and get over there about once a year, but I haven't been over for 2 years, so I can't wait. Plus, normally when we go we spend the whole time rushing between family and friends' houses trying to visit everyone. This time we have agreed that we are going to be tourists and take time to enjoy his beautiful country. I'll try and post some photos when I get back around 15th June.

Sorry - this post is a bit off topic isn't it! Just started typing and couldn't stop. My trip to NZ will be inspiring as we are going to be seeing some spectacular countryside, plus I hope to buy some paua shell and beads for my jewellery making. Reflecting on previous travels OS, I realise that it's when I'm out of my everyday life that I feel most in touch with my creativity. I think that's because I can't see the basket full of clothes that need washing, the bills that need paying, etc, and because I make the effort to see as many art galleries and beautiful places as I can. Has anyone found how to have that sense of wonder, while still living at home??!!


maria said...

Have a wonderful time in NZ!! Do post photos of your travels, your new beads, your new jewelry projects :-), etc.

... I didn't think this post was a bit off topic at all, and even if it was, it spices things up. It's fun reading about other people's lives ... esp. when they're in Australia and NZ and I'm in New Jersey.

As for keeping that sense of wonder beyond vacation ... keeping objects/mementos around can be inspiring and remind us to go back to that place (virtually) in the midst of the craziness. Taking mini-retreats (a day or even an hour to 'check out' and refresh). Pretending you have no electricity for a day and living more slowly and simply. Artist's dates to new local places are great (from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way), too ... and then again, so is planning your next getaway. There's really no true substitute, for the reasons you stated (no bills, no laundry, etc.), is there?

michelle said...

Maria, thankyou!

I love your ideas for keeping the "wonder". I've just reorganised my office/studio so maybe now is the time to sort through all the photos and trinkets I have from my travels and put them on display. My only problem is I'll look at the trinkets, start daydreaming and get nothing done!!