Friday, May 27, 2005

Project Dream

Project Dream is a "global project created to inspire and motivate people to examine their passions, identify their dreams, and journey toward the realization of those dreams". It has interviews with people who are in the process of pursuing their dreams, or have already achieved it. They are also planning to write books aimed at adults and children and are planning to start educational programs in schools. I think the education program is a great idea - school is fantastic for learning about things, but not so great for learning how to live. Sometimes I feel that I am where I am (feeling a bit stuck and uninspired!) because I have followed a safer path, doing the things I was told I was good at at school. I look back and am so pleased that I did resist once - my teachers told me I should do Advanced Maths for the Higher School Certificate, but it clashed with Art. I always did really well at Maths, but it just didn't rock my boat. So I ignored them and did Art instead! And I have never regretted that decision - I have the fondest memories of my art class. Our teacher, Mr Holdsworth, was a wonderful inspiration - he took us on adventures outside the classroom for inspiration and pushed us to really understand other artists. The one thing that has really stuck with me was his favourite quote:

"A fragment of beauty is complete"

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maria said...

Good for you, Michelle, for trusting your 'art.' Sure sounds like you made the right choice.

Sometimes, I think, when we are good and show skill in many different areas (rather than having one clearly superior natural talent), it can be more difficult to find our true path, because other people encourage us to pursue various things that, yes, we may be good at, but don't necessarily nurture our souls, and I think we need both of those things to feel fulfilled.