Friday, May 27, 2005

Tera's Workshop

Tera Leigh is an artist, author, presenter and generally "crafty person". Her Tera's Wish web site is aimed at helping people think creatively. I must say it all looks a bit "folksy" to me, but that is just my personal taste, I've never been into decoupage, or folk art or all that. I do appreciate the hard work and skill required to do it, but I just wouldn't put any in my house! Sorry to all those that love it, I know how popular it is, please don't hate me!! But what I do like like are some of her articles and the workshop area. I have only read a few articles, but I've already gleaned a number of handy hints, and ideas are starting to churn in my head.

I love reading web sites that get me thinking.....then I start to feel excited about the possibilities.......then I start planning what I'm going to do...... ah, excuse me will you - I have some work to do!!

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maria said...

Yeah ... you go, girl!